Our Craftsmanship

We have ways to support the small business person and craftsman, so you will not see large companies or assembly lines when it comes to Amish outdoor furniture, instead each craftsman specializes in just one or two kinds of woodworking. By doing this he can refine his craft and provide an unparalleled level of quality that big manufacturers cannot provide.

A growing trend is for companies to contract with each individual Amish craftsman to sell their furniture for them. These craftsmen are meticulously selected to find only the most skilled and creative craftsmen that are dedicated to their craft. Because of the lifestyle that the Amish lead, you will find that the outdoor furniture made by them is hand cut, hand sanded and finished as well as drilled and fastened by hand. Each step is done exactly the way the ancestors did it before them and because of this their furniture is some of the most solid and durable furniture available.