A large travel bag with:

  • 2 Shorts,
    5 T- shirts,
  • 2 sweat shirts,
  • 1 polar,
  • 1 jogging, 1 swim suit,
  • 1 waterproof wind jacket
  • Change of underwear and sports socks
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, organic toothpaste, 2 bath towels)
  • Cup, plate, and utensils
  • a sleeping bag,
  • a floor mattress,
  • a head lamp with an extra set of batteries
  • a water bottle of 1 liter minimum,
  • a small back pack of 20 liters (hydration pack recommended)
  • Two pair of shoes, basket (One pair for hiking and running, the other for walking in water (Kayak, canyoning))
  • Sun protection: cap, sunscreen, sunglasses

Mountain Bike in perfect condition, shorts, gloves, helmet, extra tube and repair kit. If not possible, especially for those traveling by plane, the organization can provide.

Put names on your child’s things.

The campsite:

You do not need to pack a tent


Do not include shampoo or gels; we supply organic soap and shampoo to respect ground water.

No food, money, or cell phones.