Price: 500 € per child, 1000€ per team

This price includes:

Transportation to and from the Marseille Marignane airport for foreigners, meals,  lodging, activities, transportation from the campsite to activities, equipment rentals, supervision, civil responsibility insurance and individual accident insurance from July 28th 2:00 pm to August 2nd, 7:00 pm.

Optional cancelation insurance: 20€ per person or 40€ per team.

Registration conditions: Definitive registration or pre-registration

Definitive registration

Fill out and return the registration form.

Make a deposit on-line of 150€ (170€ with cancelation insurance)

175€ will be withdrawn April 15, 2014

The remaining sum of 175€ will be withdrawn June 16, 2014.

Cancelation refunds only if insured (see conditions)


 Fill out and return the registration form.

We open an account in your child’s name.

We send you 50 calendars.

Postal fees are at your expense.

Suggested sale price is 6€.

Your child’s account will be debited by:

Persons who pay on-line for their calendars (


Someone who debits the account for calendars paid in cash.

You can consult on-line your child’s account.

As soon as the account reaches 150€ (170€ with cancelation insurance), the registration becomes definitive and their place is reserved.

We can send more calendars, once the first 50 are sold.

The account must be paid in full by June 16:  500€ (520€ with cancelation insurance)

            If the account is not completely paid, the registration is canceled.

            Cancelation refunds only if insured (see conditions).

For adult monitors of foreign teams, we offer a 200€ package that includes membership to the association, meals, campsite lodging on the sites July 28 to August 2, and civil responsibility and individual accident insurances.